Dry ice blasting

Safe for humans, friendly to the environment!

This method is also preferred in cases where hydro blasting or use of chemical cleaning agents may cause damage to the mechanical equipment or short circuits in electrical boards / installations.

In addition, it is much faster than other cleaning methods.

Indicative cases of use of the dry ice blasting method are internal surfaces of ships, engine rooms, electric current generators, chains, electrical boards, electrical transformers of high voltage, electric power distribution stations, glass surfaces, robots, distilleries and various mechanical equipment, from various substances attached to them during its operation (for example: at the gears, electrical wiring, chimneys) such as silicon, grease, graphite, exhaust residues, smoke – especially after fires, raw materials like cocoa, caramel, sugar etc.).

In addition to the heavy duty cleanings in shipping and industrial land installations, this dry cleaning method (like the sponge blasting method) is used in very sensitive surfaces requiring maximum care during their cleaning, like wood surfaces in luxury yachts (for example teak wood which has been specially treated with appropriate solutions for decades prior to its use for the construction of the yacht), external surfaces of luxury yachts made of aluminum, carbon fiber or polymers, national monuments, statues or archeological objects and buildings  with “national heritage” characteristics and other valuables made of marble, bronze, stone etc.

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