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Spiros Hilios started his career as a seaman in the merchant navy in 1974. He served in this position until 1981, when he founded the ship cleaning, maintenance and repair business in 1981 at the Ship Repair Zone, in Perama, next to the port of Piraeus. He has been its driving force since then.

Spiros has accumulated over 35 years experience in ship cleaning, ship steel maintenance and its protection from corrosion due to the effect of sea water and air. This experience is a result of himself and his cleaning crews having cleaned and maintained all sizes and types of ships, ranging from commercial ships owned both by companies listed in US & European stock exchanges and by individual ship owners from all over the world, to naval war surface ships and submarines owned by the Greek Navy and / or other NATO countries, in addition to luxury boats (yachts & super / mega yachts).

After his over thirty year long relationship with the sea, Spiros comfortably says that “I am still learning from the sea” and he proudly shows his Seaman’s Service Record Book which was issued on the 6th of August 1974.

His experience translates to an immediate and direct financial benefit for the clients of the business since it serves as the knowledge base which enables him to provide top quality cleaning & maintenance services to ships and luxury boats, thus achieving:

a) reduction of the direct costs of repairs by extending the serviceable life of the ship / yacht construction materials (e.g. less is spent on annual coating maintenance, protection of floating asset superstructure from premature corrosion etc.), and

b) reduction of the opportunity cost of a commercial ship, since its maintenance time either in the dry dock or on anchor can deprive its owners from a substantial amount of daily revenue. It is precisely this last reason that S. Hilios decided to become specialized in providing most of his ship cleaning services not only when the ship is on anchor or the dry dock, but also on board. This is achieved by sending the necessary cleaning crews and equipment on board the ship.

Spiros Hilios continues his successful career having with him his son Nikos, and has made the company N. Hilios Ltd a leader in the provision of cleaning and maintenance services primarily to the marine industries (commercial, warship and luxury boats) and secondarily to businesses and government organizations based on shore.

This is effected through the usage of cleaning methods safe for humans and friendly to the environment such as hydro (water) blasting, sponge blasting and dry ice blasting, along with decoating (removal of coatings / paintings) and painting jobs. On very limited occasions and under very special circumstances which make possible the  safe collection of the residues from the cleaning process, the method of sand blasting can also be used with extra caution and on a very limited scale.

In order to maintain top level quality and fast service to its clients (private and public sector), the company continues to invest in state of the art mechanical equipment and the training of its cleaning crews.

As a result of the above investment and effort, N. Hilios Ltd is today capable of sending experienced cleaning crews along with the necessary mechanical equipment wherever the ship owner wants the cleaning & maintenance job to be done, either on board, or on anchor or in the dry dock, and can also provide these services in one or more shifts per 24 hour period, during day or night time, depending on the specifics of the situation.

Our values are:

  • Human Safety and Health
  • Respect for the Ecosystem We Live In
  • Quality
  • Speedy Execution
  • Results Oriented
  • Responsibility
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