On shore / land technical and cleaning services

Cleanings of Buildings (internal & external areas) and Industrial Installations

Our cleaning services offered by our company using hydro (water) blasting, sponge blasting, dry ice blasting and on special cases and on a limited scale -  sand blasting) cover the full spectrum of virtually any business (industrial, commercial, service) in the public and private sectors. In particular for the public sector in Greece, N. Hilios Ltd offers its cleaning services, decoatings / coatings / paintings and technical services to:

  • electric utilities companies producing and distributing electric power (especially for the cleaning and maintenance of their mechanical equipment & engineering rooms)
  • fuel production, storage and trading companies (oil refineries / petrochemical companies, especially for the cleaning and maintenance of fuel storage tanks)
  • ship repair facilities (civil and military shipyards),
  • public transportation organizations sush as trains and train stations (cleaning of mechanical equipment) and airports (cleaning of airplanes, airplane and helicopter fuel storage facilities, airstrip surfaces, special lighting equipment etc.)
  • various other public organizations such as port facilities, educational institutions, police and public courts buildings etc.
  • religious / worship buildings
  • the Greek Navy (cleaning of Naval Stations facilities and land installations used either by Greek Naval Fleet or NATO / U.S. surface warships & submarines, and administrative buildings operated by the Greek Navy)
  • the Greek Air Force (military airports – cleaning of military airplanes, fuel storage tanks for airplanes, helicopters and vehicles)
  • the Greek Army (buildings, military installations & equipment, vehicle fuel tanks etc.).

Decoatings (strippings / depaintings) and Paintings of Buildings

Technical Services

  • Construction of scaffoldings in buildings
    Our company has a business partnership for the construction of scaffoldings in buildings with the company XXXXXXX,
  • Construction of external polymer membrane like surrounding the building scaffolding using temperature sensitive polymers to both protect freshly coated / painted surfaces of the building from dust particles, and to greatly reduce fugitive emissions thus minimizing any resulting environmental pollution
  • Steel Works (Construction and Repair) including pipings
  • Thermal Insulations and Coatings
  • Renovations of Buildings

Cleanings & Historic Restorations of Monuments & Sculptures

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