Passenger / Cruise Ships cleaning services

General-heavy duty cleaning services for Passenger / Cruise Ships

1. Cleaning Services of External Areas of Passenger / Cruise Ships (Maintenance & Paintings)
  • Cleaning of Cruise Ships' deck surfaces, perimeters, escape trunks  & hatch covers, bridge wings and fairings etc.
  • Cleaning of Cruise Ships wind strake plates (cleaning / removal of loose paints and corrosions using targeted blasting)
  • Cruise Ships' hull exteriors / underwater maintenance works for ships: cleaning / removal of loose paints and corrosions using targeted / spot blasting with hydro blasting or sand blasting
  • -||-: removal of biological growth on propeller and shaft alleys through the use of trained divers, where possible
 2. Cleaning of Cruise Ships' Cargo Areas
  • For example, gas free operations or for transportation of new cargo) so that they become safe:
    • for humans, in order to reach down the bottom to inspect them
    • for use of fire / blow torch / oxygen
    • for transportation of new cargo (either more cargo of the same type or different type), such as from previous transportation of petcoke to next transportation of wheat grain
  • Mild cleaning of cargo areas with hydro blasting, without chemicals
  • Application of specialty coatings on internal surfaces of cargo holds for the transportation of chemical cargos and subsequent removal after shipment and discharge.
3. Cleaning of slop tanks, sump pits, scuppers & bilges

Cleaning of slop tanks, sump pits, scuppers & bilges of Container Ships

4. Cleaning of Cruise Ships' fuel oil tanks

Gas free operations for tanks and collection / removal of residues. Thorough cleaning using electrostatic rubbing cloths.

5. Cleaning of Ballast Tanks: fore peak, double bottoms

Cleaning of Cruise Ships' Ballast Tanks, depending on their content (fuel or water)

6. Cleaning of Cruise Ships' internal and external piping
  •   For simple cleaning / maintenance
  •   For use of fire / blow torch / oxygen
7. Cleaning of sewage piping and storage areas of Cruise Ships
8. Cleaning of hotel accommodations for passengers and crew accomodations

Our company can take up the cleaning of hotel accommodations for passengers and crew accomodations for any type of Passenger /Cruise Ship.

Specialized Cleaning Services for Passenger /Cruise Ships

9. Cleaning surfaces with special cleaning / abrasive agents

In order to achieve cleaning of surfaces requiring special treatment due to sensitive equipment or construction materials we use specialized equipment with the respective cleaning / abrasive agent (e.g. different degrees of abrasiveness and sizes of sponge media etc.) in order to minimize or eliminate any wear of the surface.

10. Cleaning of special equipment such as boards, machinery / engineering spaces etc

Special cleanings of electric circuit boards, machinery / engineering spaces, and filters with dry ice blasting equipment

After the completion of our work we can, on a case by case basis and as long as adequate safety measures can be taken and the case specific risks relating to pollution control are tolerable, after special agreement with the client, we may undertake:

  • the removal of the cleaning residues from the client premises
  • their transportation by safe means, and
  • their safe delivery to specially certified waste management entity, if such an entity exists within reasonable distance from the cleaned premises

For our services rendered we may issue appropriate documentation upon client request.

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